rubber glovesCommercial Cleaning Safety is Top Priority

The cleaning industry traditionally experiences a high level of injuries and workers’ compensation claims due to accidents, injuries, and ergonomic issues. The result is reduced productivity due to lost work days, pain and suffering to employees, and higher cost to customers from increasing insurance costs.

At ShurClean, LLC, we believe many accidents and injuries are preventable. By implementing a comprehensive safety awareness program for all of our workers, you can rest assured that your ShurClean team is mindful of the best practices for avoiding injury to themselves or your staff/clients. Safety awareness is an integral part of our company culture. This is accomplished by emphasizing safety at all levels of our organization, in and outside of your facility/office.

Our safety awareness program consists of the following strategic elements:


Safety Training During Phase I Cleaner Training

Special emphasis is placed on the proper labeling of chemicals, spray bottles; proper mixing of cleaning solutions; the need to wear appropriate protective equipment; reading MSDS, and proper lifting procedures and ergonomics. 

Safety Training During Phase II In-Service Training

Special emphasis is placed on facility specific issues such as your building evacuation plans, special job hazards, the location of safety equipment, etc. 

Safety Communication Program

Each month our supervisors hold a safety awareness meeting with your ShurClean team and discuss a different safety topic. These safety talks reinforce safety awareness throughout the calendar year. 

Management Review of All Worker’s Compensation Claims

Periodically our management team reviews all work comp claims to determine the cause of the injury. These reviews address corrective action to ensure that similar incidents do not reoccur.


Employee Bonuses

All of our cleaners receive a $.25/hour bonus each pay period if they have reported to work on-time daily and have had no injuries during the preceding pay period. This is our way of reinforcing safety awareness at all times while rewarding compliance performance. The result is a better cleaning experience for you, our valued client!