Our Hiring Process

        Prospective employees first fill out a detailed application that requires them         to list previous employment, education, special training and/or certifications         they possess, references as well as any criminal convictions they may have         had. Our HR Manager reviews all applications and schedules interviews         based upon our needs at the time.

        Applicants are interviewed with an eye toward matching the individuals skills         to the spcific needs of the job site. Applicants are questioned regarding their         ability to get to work on time everyday.

        If, after the interview we wish to move forward with an applicant, we will         contact their former employers to determine what kind of employee they         have been and whether or not they are eligible for rehire.

        If their references check out we then run a State of Wisconsin criminal         background check on the applicant. This is done on all applicants prior to         hiring them.

        If the applicant passes all background checks, they are eligible for hiring and         a job offer will be made.

Employee Benefits

At ShurClean, LLC we believe that our employees are our finest resource. Since we depend so much on them, we think they are entitled to competitive wages and benefits. Our goal is to pay wages and benefits that are higher than average for our industry. This means we can recruit and retain higher quality applicants.

Employment Documentation

In the post 9/11 world, all business have an increased obligation to verify the legal employment status of its workers. At ShurClean, LLC we comply with the Immigration and Reform Act of 1986 (IRCA) and document all of our workers accordingly. Copies of employment documentation is kept on file along with criminal background checks.

Drug Testing

Employee drug testing is expensive but sometimes needed to ensure that employees are drug and alcohol free in the workplace. If our customer requires that our cleaners pass a drug screen we will ensure that all cleaners assigned to their facility are tested through a National Institute of Drug Abuse (NIDA) approved laboratory. The cost for this testing will usually be built into our monthly contract price.
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